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Parallel and Past(?) Lives (and things I want to do when I grow up)

Apart from professing (is this the verb for being a professor?), I live many parallel lives. In some of these lives, I am a graphic designer, in others a musician, in some a radio operator, and in some even an actor.

Since 2004 I have occasionally worked as a graphic designer for authoring artwork in both digital and desktop publishing including logos and book covers. Some of my works include the:

I am an amateur musician (vocalist, guitarist, Greek bouzouki, and baglama player) composing original songs. I often upload them to my Youtube channel:

At some point in my (very) early life, I was a TV actor. I will leave it up to you to find the TV shows I played in :) (hint: those are Greek ones). I have also played in theater plays.


As a University student, I enjoyed spending my evenings as a radio operator and the nights as a DJ in the wonderful island of Crete.


I always have Greek yogurt in my fridge and when I grow up I want to become a Philosopher...

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